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It's pretty much just me! I do have a regular team of people that I call on to help with particular aspects of a project, though, since one person can't provide for every specialisation. I can source — and manage — extra developers, designers, and site reliability engineers, depending on the needs of the project.

Graeme Mathieson

Graeme Mathieson

I've been developing web applications with the Ruby on Rails framework for over a decade now (something that not many people can claim!). Prior to that, I was building web apps in Python, and before that I was building embedded C++ code for Voice over IP gateways.

In addition to Ruby, I've got a fair chunk of experience with JavaScript, and with managing the platforms we deploy apps onto (the cool kids call this bit DevOps). I've got a BEng (Hons) in Software Engineering from the University of Edinburgh and an AAT Diploma in Accounting (don't ask).

When I'm not in the office, staring at a sea of code, I really enjoy a spot of indoor rock climbing. You can often find me hanging around the local climbing wall, trying to conquer my latest project!

Join us?

Incidentally, if you're looking to work with an awesome team, and you've got the right skills, please do get in touch. I'm always looking to expand the pool of contractors I can use for individual projects. Drop me an email, to hello@thp.re, with some details on your experience and skill set.

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Please do get in touch if you'd like to ask anything at all about The Happiness Project. The best way to get in touch is to drop me an email – use the button below – or click the speech bubble at the bottom right hand corner and leave me a message with your email address.

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You can find me on most of the social media platforms. Here are the Wossname Industries 'corporate' (hehe) accounts, which stay mostly on topic:


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Wossname Industries is based in Devon, in the South West of England. It's a beautiful part of the world! I've got beaches, and cliffs, and moors, and the city of Exeter, all within easy reach of home. The weather's not too bad, either.

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